Is there really a difference between lash extension brands?

Pivotal lashes has provided clients with stellar lash designs using Novalash brand extensions for 11 years. Because other lash brands pop up at rapid speed these days, I'm often asked, why Novalash? With consistent results and a pouring of positive feedback from lash clients, here are the reasons this lash artist has kept the faith after all these years.

Novalash Provides the safest, most effective products including the award winning Platinum Bond Adhesive. Novalash was voted Best Eyelash Extension company for Beauty Launchpad’s Readers Choice Award. American Spa also voted Novalash as Best Eyelash Extension company for Professional Choice Awards. Novalash's training courses are the only physician developed lash education by the nation’s leading lash professionals.

Novalash is American made and distributed. Proudly hailing from Houston, Texas where the Novalash headquarters are located. When shopping around lash brands, be sure to ask where the products come from, what they have been made from, and what safety measures were taken in the formulations. (Better safe than sorry.)

Novalash Offers a beautiful line of cosmetics developed specifically for lash extensions to create versatile makeup looks that do not compromise the long lasting wear of the extensions. Novalash's 3-in-1 conditioner, cleanser & makeup remover pads, not only remove dirt, pollutants and any make-up, but will also prolong the life and radiance of the extensions by conditioning and restoring moisture. This game changing lash aftercare promotes healthy lashes, nourishing the eye area while being completely low maintenance and simple to use.

Lash+doctor by Novalash is an eyelash and eyebrow growth serum that conditions, strengthens, and maintains healthy hair growth. This botanical based serum can be used daily while wearing Novalash extensions to promote thicker, longer lashes.

Novalash extensions are water proof & oil proof. This means there is no wait time to shower, exercise, or jump in the pool. Oil proof lashes mean you don't have to sacrifice using your favorite oil based skin care. Following your Novalash appointment your only concern is batting your beautiful lashes.

The difference between lash extension brands is a vast. With superior quality extensions, longer lasting adhesives, advanced lash training, formulas safe to the eye area, and access to a family of lash friendly products to support your Novalash extensions, the difference is night and day. Novalash has invented solutions to always keep you in the best lashes where other brands have fallen short. Just gluing on extensions, without resources to keep the eye area clean, up-kept and cared for is impractical and often results in discomfort, extensions that don't last, or worse.

Wearing lash extensions should bring an ease to your daily routine, not a hassle. Lash extension care should be simple and uncomplicated. When done correctly with the right products, lashes should be a joy to wear, and give you confidence. Worrying about avoiding water, and oil based products, questioning how to clean your extensions, and having your lash artist on speed dial because your lashes all fall off after two weeks is a bummer, but with other lash brands it happens unfortunately.

Because Pivotal lashes only offers Novalash extensions, it means we have your back! You will have access to everything Novalash, and wont have to guess how to keep your lashes consistently stunning or fuss over them because they are built to last.

If that wasn't enough, Novalash has announced their newest line of extensions will be unveiled later this year. London Volume lashes are coming!!!

The London Volume look is captivating with its extravagant, dark, dense, and fluffy lash line and various elongating, graceful lengths. It produces bigger, bolder more fabulous looks by using extremely lightweight extensions. Cant wait to share more on London Volume lashes in the future.

With an already impressive lineup, and more yet to come, its easy to see why "It's Novalash or nothing."

Pivotal lashes Carpe Diem Salon 209 Harrison Ave. New Orleans

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