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Updated: Dec 30, 2021


*What are Lash Extensions?

Novalash Lash Extensions are a way to extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes. They are convenient, and an unrivaled enhancement for eyelashes. Professional eyelash extensions are an innovation in lash enhancement. They are to be worn daily without removal and maintained with monthly touch ups. Lash extensions are long lasting and wear safely and comfortably as your own.


*Life with lashes. A Full set of lash extensions is the initial application of lash extensions. It is a service for those without, or, with few lash extensions. With a quick consultation lash length and design are determined. Extensions are then applied to the natural hair to fulfill an enhanced look with depth and volume.

Lash fills are touch-up services. Lash fills should be done monthly to keep your extensions plentiful throughout the 4-6 week growing and shedding cycle of the natural hair. Fresh extensions are added to new natural lashes to restore a flawless appearance. Monthly lash fills by your lash artist, and, using Novalash's Clean-Lash aftercare, results in the best looking, and longest lasting lashes

The need for cosmetics is limited when wearing Eyelash extensions. Extensions define the lash line, and add volume and length to the lashes. Mascara is no longer needed for daily use and should only be used as needed when a Lash fill is drawing near. In this case, only NovaLash brand mascara, (made for use with extensions), or, water-soluble mascara should be used with your extensions. Waterproof mascara should be avoided as it's ingredients will shorten the life of the extensions. Along with mascara, NovaLash eyeshadows and eyeliners are available in impressive color collections that are formulated specifically for wear with extensions. They offer non-transfer color and long wear.

*Technique. Professional application of lash extensions by the certified lash artist will not effect the growth of the natural hair. Extensions are applied to the natural hair individually. This allows the growing and shedding life cycle of eyelashes to be uninterrupted, and thrive while regularly wearing lash extensions.

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