Why lash extensions?

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Why #Eyelash #extensions? With other options for lash amplification like, #lash #serum, #lash #lift, & #lash #perms, why are Eyelash extensions making such a huge splash? Lets break it down.

volume lashes bold & #natural
Volume lash extensions by Pivotal lashes

Lash extensions are an intricate and specialized craft with monumental results of #length, #density, and #mega #volume. Eyelash extension technicians, or #Lash #Artists, are the architects who design these #Semi #permanent show stoppers.Lash artists that hone excelled lashing techniques through time and experience are the most desirable for Eyelash extensions, volume lashes & #lash #fill services.

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The greatest difference between lash lifts / lash perms, and lash extensions, is simply the look. While lash lifts take on the issue of flat, uncurled #natural #lashes, the chemical restructuring of the natural lash does not result in additional lash length, lash thickness, and provides no lash volume. A seasoned lash extension artist is able to transform natural eyelashes to curled, fuller, longer and voluminous lashes in one fell swoop with individual lash extensions, lash adhesive, and a practiced lash application technique. Lash serums also produce one dimensional results. Some more effective than others, lash serums can influence longer natural eyelashes, but curl, fullness, or plush volume can not be provided. Lash extensions are able to lend a look of youthfulness, define or flatter the eye shape, and add openness to the eyes all at once.

The secret is simple. #Novalash lash artists are trained, and create lash extensions on the principal of working fluidly with the natural lash cycle. Novalash Volume lashes are created with hand assembled bouquets of two or more feather-light volume lash extensions with the aid of specialty lash extension tools. Each bouquet is nestled onto the base of an individual natural eyelash. The result is soft, touchable lashes that flutter. Novalash's award winning #Platinum #bond #adhesive secures the natural eyelash and lash extension with a seamless bond that allows them to be treated as your own natural lashes.

Conveniently, Novalash lash extensions are #waterproof & #oil #proof. This means taking a shower, hitting the gym, or enjoying the pool are welcomed the same day as your Novalash lash extension appointment. Novalash #Clean #lash is the only #lash #care needed to keep your lash extensions consistently stunning. These pomegranate seed oil infused #lash #wipes do the job of three products in one. Lash extensions should be wiped nightly with Novalash Clean lash wipes to #remove #makeup, clean lash extensions, & #condition natural and lash extensions.

Waterproof and oil proof, Novalash extensions put an end to #mascara runs and smudges

spend less time perfecting your makeup skills and inevitable touch ups. Simplify a #beauty #routine with unparalleled curl, length, and volume. Novalash lash extensions are custom designed to your preferences and specifications.

Pivotal lashes #New #Orleans is located at Carpe Diem Salon in the popular Lakeview neighborhood. #www.pivotallashes.com

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